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Direct Mail Services

Direct mail is a powerful way for you to send your marketing message and special offers directly to the most likely customers ready to purchase your products or services.

And here to help you is ADMI - Northern Colorado's largest and oldest direct mail services company.

Put our expertise to work for you. We'll assist you to develop and implement a highly successful and affordable
direct mail campaign.


  Direct Mail Marketing Works! Getting Your Direct Mail Campaign Started

Benefits of Direct Mail

Best of all, it’s targeted. No other advertising medium can get your message directly into buyers hands. Newspaper, radio and other mass advertising methods shotgun your message to a wide and sometimes uninterested audience. Direct mail hits the mark.

It’s personal.

With Direct Mail you can personalize your message and speak to your prospects and customers - directly appealing to their needs and interests.

Using One-on-One Marketing Practices you'll have a powerful and effective marketing approach. Your customers will actually look forward to receiving your offers because they know you are speaking to them directly and offering them useful and relevant goods and services.

It’s flexible.

You have a wide variety of formats available to you. From postcards and brochures, to multi-page booklets and catalogs, direct mail is a perfect solution for getting your message to your customers. Create impressively designed color pieces or basic one or two color flyers; include discounted offers, or simple announcements. Direct mail is a fantastic method of communication.

It’s measurable.

Direct mail allows you to quickly measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Tracking responses and sales results is easy. This information gives you the knowledge to make adjustments and enhancements to your advertising campaigns. No other media choice can offer you this option.

It’s easy and cost-effective.

With direct mail you can start small and grow your advertising program as you learn what works best for your business.

ADMI specializes in assisting our customers design, print and implement successful direct mail campaigns cost effectively.



Planning and budgeting is the first step in developing a direct mail marketing campaign. The quantity of mailers you'll send, the format, target area, along with general and specific demographics are important aspects to consider.

ADMI can provide you guidance and suggestions to consider when you're in the planning stages.

Graphic Design and Layout

Once you have decided on the format and quantities mailer, our Graphic Designers can design a high-impact mailer. We'll help you determine the best printing process for campaign, while keeping in mind your budget.

You'll be able to determine if Digital Printing or Offset Printing is the most efficient and effective printing process to use for your direct mail campaign.

Printing and Bindery

Next, ADMI will print, fold, trim (we have inserting capabilities, too) your mailer according to your specifications.

Mailing Lists

ADMI can assist you in acquiring just the right consumer or business mailing lists to target your customers and prospects. We work with the nation's top data compilers, and can help you define and select the appropriate target market for your products and services.

ADMI also maintains the largest database in Northern Colorado of residential, walk sequence lists. These lists are continually updated and refreshed to ensure the highest deliver ability possible.

We also maintain commercial mailings lists for all of Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming.

Sorting and Address - Bar coded for optimal deliverability and postage savings.

Sorted and posted per USPS requirements provides you with the LOWEST postage price possible.

ADMI operates high volume postal sorting and addressing equipment. Your lists will be sorted, addressed and sequenced properly. This ensures to ensure deliverabilty.

Meeting Postal Regulations

The United States Postal Service maintains strict regulations for direct marketers.




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