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One-On-One Marketing

Nowadays, it takes more than just a postcard addressed to "Resident" to provide reasonable results.

Smart marketers understand consumers respond much greater when offers have three key elements:

  • Personalized
  • Timely
  • Relevant to their wants, needs and lifestyles

  Target Marketing - Relevant Marketing. Variable data printing - As Individual As Your Customers.

These terms all mean basically the same thing - creating marketing materials highly personalized for EACH one of your customers and/or prospects. Imagine being able to send each customer a personal offer, written to them using their first name, spouse or children's names (or even their pets?), perhaps referencing their last purchase and suggesting a complimentary product or service?

How about offering different promotions to different segments of your customer database. Go here to read how One-On-One Marketing is creating new opportunities for business owners.


When you produce and send your prospects and customers personalized, individualized and relevant marketing offers you'll increase response rates and sales, as well as build long-term repeat business and customer loyalty.






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